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4 Person 130x70 Table Sets

It's easier to enjoy dining and chatting with friends, family or guests when you have the right table set. 130x70 table sets for 4 people; It consists of comfortable chairs and a flat, sturdy table. The product promises total comfort and usability. The 4-person table sets combine both function and style. Thus, you can sit comfortably and enjoy the company of your loved ones. Modern desk sets come in many different shapes, sizes and styles so you can find the perfect one for your home or office. You'll find that it's relatively easy to customize your contemporary table set to suit your specific dining room needs. Since both the chairs and the table are sent pre-assembled, it is possible to start using them immediately.

The foot ends of the chairs are detailed so as not to scratch the floor. Electrostatic paint has been applied on metal surfaces. Cushion section on the other hand, it has qualities that promise comfort. The table top includes solid wood material. The legs of the table are metal and exhibit a solid stance. Long lifespan You can also achieve high performance with the 130x70 table set for 4 people, which provides a durable use!

4 Person 70x70 Table Sets

Table sets are the meeting point of the whole family. Exceptional; A combination of durability and pleasant designs, the 4-person 70x70 table sets can become the perfect center of your home or office. Our table sets offer form, functionality and balance for the busiest place in the home or any space. All table sets in our collection have a suitable design for guests, family members and children.

It is easy to clean and thanks to its robust structure, it offers the opportunity to be used for many years. The solid wood top of the table is produced to be resistant to scratches and water. It has many color and pattern options. Each color option maximizes the light in the room and contributes to the light/shadow balance. The 4 chairs included in the set contain electrostatic paint. The toe of the chairs; parts of it are manufactured in a way that will not damage any surface and are closed. The cushions in the sitting area are included in the product and are designed to offer extra comfort. You can add 70x70 table sets for 4 people to your workplace or home. you can create a functional and artistic detail in your space. 

130x70 Table Sets for 6 Persons

The product, which offers high performance, longevity and comfort, consists of a 6-person table and 6 chairs. The 6-person desk set provides more elbow room than a typical 4-person desk. It is an ideal product range for large families and crowded workplaces. Whatever your preference is as a base material or table top, we have all kinds of products in our collection. There are many options available upon request. With a completely natural, low-maintenance and durable design, 130x70 table sets for 6 people are a popular option for your space.

These table set models, which easily adapt to modern, contemporary or minimalist decorations, offer multiple color and pattern scales to choose from. The solid wood table is resistant to scratches, impacts and high weight. Since the legs of the table are made of metal, the product offers a solid stance. Electrostatic paint is used on wire chairs. The foot ends of the chairs are closed and prevent the floor surface from being scratched. Cushions provide high comfort and convenience. All kinds of With 130x70 table sets for 6 people, which are a perfect piece of furniture for the area, it is also for you; you can transform your space into functional. 

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