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70x70 Table

Our modern desks combine the latest technology integration and usability. Our stylish, high-quality collection provides high performance with solid wood detail. Internal Numerous finishes, sizes and configurations are available to suit your space. Our ergonomic desks are specially designed for efficiency and comfort in the working environment. Unlike traditional office desks, 70x70 desks are versatile; offers use.

&product; It allows the user's body to be held in a safe and upright position to reduce the pressure on the spine, neck and hips. If you are looking for desks that can truly transform your office into an art gallery or if you want to create a wonderful workspace in your home; 70x70 table models will be the right choice. Suitable for students, employees and everyone else, this range of products is designed using premium materials.

The product's foot sections are made of high-strength metal. Solid wood bastion section on the other hand, it has undergone high quality varnish and paint application. Offering many color options, 70x70 tables can also serve different purposes in any area of ​​your home. The table, which is easy to move and does not take up much space, It can enrich your space.


130x70 Table

Our 130x70 table models with contemporary design are extremely versatile; is an option. Tables produced with the most durable and high quality materials, all kinds of; purpose It provides the possibility of use for Whether you are looking for a desk for your office, home or garden; 130x70 table models respond to your needs. The fact that the product has multiple color options allows you to create the decoration you want. All kinds of interior Work desks that fit the space promise different patterns and color scales.

The table part of the product is made of solid wood material. The feet are made of solid metal material. The right choice for those who want to create efficiency and comfort in the working environment, these table types meet your expectations in the best way when it comes to supporting posture and protecting health.

The 130x70 table models, which have trendy design lines and make a difference with their unique style, offer a look that will suit all tastes and preferences. These tables, which are considered the best desk models for those who spend most of their days sitting, those who work at desks and students, are also used as a garden table and a kitchen table. It can also be easily used for other purposes.

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