THEIA DESIGN; Since 2004, about 20 years acquired in domestic and international projects; It continues on its way by transferring its DESIGN, ENGINEERING, PROJECTING and PRODUCTION experience to the development of decorative products.

Aiming to be the leader in the industry by combining original designs with quality and optimum price in our country, THEIA TASARIM has caught a rhythm beyond its targets. With this rhythm and the slogan of “the shine of life”, we continue to produce designs that add light to lives …

As Theia Design; We are building our future on our history. We are a company that has been carrying out domestic and international projects since 2004 and has gained experience in engineering, design, production and project planning. Our company, which has made a name for itself with the design of decorative products; It offers its customers wire chairs, tables and table sets of the highest standards in terms of design, quality and workmanship.

Theia Design; has adopted an ethical working order. We value people and communities and protect the environment. This philosophy is embedded in our values ​​and guides our actions. Our pursuit of excellence, the application of creativity to solve our customers' challenges, our concept-making technical expertise and our collaborative spirit are the keys to our success. We move forward by reaching our own expectations and goals without forgetting who we are, without complexes, feeling and trusting.

Theia Design; brings the best styles and fashion of the last years to your homes, offices and workplaces. Our company is a manufacturer, supplier and seller of wire chairs, tables and table sets. It designs the widest choice and best in its class. It provides a pleasant and trouble-free experience to all its valued customers with different lifestyles and preferences.

We are an innovator in the field of wire chair industry, we are one of the first and foremost companies, both institutionally and individually. Our expert team; works hard to turn your dreams into reality. We contribute to the welfare of our customers with wire chair models, tables and table sets designed by and for people. We prefer the best, highest quality, most sustainable materials in our production facilities and offer you functional, durable, elegant and long-lasting; We offer "products. We develop long-term products by optimizing form and function.

We are committed to providing our customers with a unique and personalized shopping experience. Our dedication to quality and trendy designs has helped us evolve over the years and has made many customers choose our firm. It is our passion to provide first class products to facilitate your requirements. We achieve this by engaging in quality analysis procedures and making sure that each of our products meets the exceptional quality standard we set as well as European and engineering standards. We are proud of our products that meet the needs of our customers for wire chairs and tables.

Spoken as Theia Design; We produce comfortable, stylish and useful wire chairs and tables designed to make your experience at home, work, office and outdoors richer and more meaningful!