Wire Chair

Wire Chair

Wire chair, It is a type of chair made of wire mesh. These chairs are usually made of metal wire frames and have a minimalist look. They can be found in many designs and colors and are known for their modern or industrial style. Wire chairs are a durable option that can be used both indoors and outdoors. Thanks to its design, the light transmittance is increased and it gives a visually light feeling. The Wire Chair, designed by Charles and Ray Eames, is one of the most recognizable examples of this chair type.

Wire Chair Çeşitleri

There are many different types of wire chairs, and the following are some of the most popular:

  1. Diamond chair: The Diamond chair was designed by Harry Bertoia and is one of the most iconic wire chairs. It got its name from its diamond-shaped exterior.

  2. DKR chair: DKR stands for "Dining Height K-Wire Rod" and was designed by Charles and Ray Eames. It is often used at dining tables and can be complemented with cushions to provide a comfortable sitting position.

  3. Bikini chair: The bikini chair was also designed by Charles and Ray Eames and got its name from woven wire mesh similar to women's bikini wear. It offers a more comfortable sitting experience with back support and cushions.

  4. Bertoia Side chair: The Bertoia Side chair was designed by Harry Bertoia and is one of the most popular wire chairs alongside the Diamond chair. There are models with or without armrests.

  5. Lucy chair: The Lucy chair is a wire chair designed by Bend Goods. It has a minimalist design and has a fun look thanks to its colorful coatings.

These are a few types of wire chairs, but there are many more designs and models.

Prices of wire chairs may vary according to brand, design, size and material quality. Although it is difficult to give a specific price, they are usually in the middle price range. The average price for a simple wire chair can range from $100-200, while models designed by more sophisticated and famous designers may have higher prices. Some special models may carry higher price tags due to material choices and quality of workmanship. However, these prices are typically typical for many high-end furniture pieces, and wire chairs are generally considered a good investment when long-term use and durability are considered.

Wire chairs are a versatile piece of furniture and are suitable for many different uses. Some uses include:

  1. Dining chair: Wire chairs are a durable and stylish option that can be used as dining table chairs.

  2. Office chair: They offer a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing option that can be used in offices, conference rooms and meeting rooms.

  3. Outdoor furniture: Wire chairs are a durable option designed for outdoor use. They can be used in the garden, on the terrace or on the balcony.

  4. Living room chair: Wire chairs can be used in living rooms to suit many different decorating styles.

  5. Restaurant and cafe chair: Wire chairs provide a stylish and durable option for restaurants and cafes.

  6. Usage in exhibitions and events: Wire chairs can also be preferred as a light and portable option that can be used in fairs, exhibitions and events.


Since wire chairs have a minimalist and modern design, they can be used in many different places and can add a stylish look to any space.

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